Tuesday, 4 December 2007

So, having thought about it for a loooong time, I’m finally starting this blog. Not because I have reached a certain conclusion that it would help bring me clarity and peace, but rather because my life has reached the point where I think there’s no turning back. It’ll be about music, mostly, but with time probably also other stuff. I suppose it’ll expand and eventually make some kind of coherent sense, as I go from just talking about music I like, and think should be talked about by someone before it’s too late, to painting a broader picture of how my world is shaped by the things I listen to and where it have been taking me and isn’t really taking me any more. The strange thing is that this isn’t really a blog driven by straightforward enthusiasm, but rather a blog driven by an increasing lack of enthusiasm, and the feeling that I need to get some things out of my system before that enthusiasm disappears completely. If I get that far.